Vienna Window Awards

The Vienna Window Awards will be presented for the first time in 2019 as part of the 1st Vienna Window Convention on 27, June. Under the motto Window Visions I Window Visionaries extraordinary achievements by companies in the window industry will be chosen in three different categories. Submissions will be reviewed by a blue-ribbon jury and evaluated in the following categories:

This category will judge the outstanding services rendered by Window Suppliers for customers and processors. A statement must be submitted that discusses the following points:

  • What is innovative about your services?
  • What is the customer value?
  • How did customers react to your innovation?
  • What research was undertaken? 


This category will judge window manufacturers’ innovative, original, and efficient concepts and their implementation. The following sub-items must be discussed in your submission documents:

  • Depiction of the concept and its implementation
  • Depiction of the quantitative and qualitative success

Your submission must focus on the following points:

  • Total revenue and sales volume in a selected market (national market or segment)
  • Strategy that led to your success


The Winners of the Awards 2019

Innovation: PSP Holz

The winner of the Awards in the category Innovation is PSP Holz

Justification of the jury for the winner PSP / Rauh:
The Climawin façade shows a practicable and future-oriented solution for a window system that combines maximum light, well thought-out sun protection and pleasant living climate. The winner of the Innovation Award shows state-of-the-art topics on smart house, climate protection and longevity. Bonus: The project is an EU joint project with development partners from three EU countries.

Category Business Grow:  Oknopolast from Poland

The winner of the Viennese window-award in the category “business growth” is Oknopolast from Poland
Justification of the jury:
Oknoplast has been growing at a double-digit rate for many years and has sustained double-digit growth, particularly in Germany and Italy, which is increasingly taking place in all segments.

Marketing: Schüco

The winner of the Window Award in the Category Marketing is SCHÜCO from Bielefeld / Germany.
Statement by the jury for the winner SCHÜCO:
With several commercials, Schüco managed to position the products not only through technology but through intuitive daily use, relying on the power of storytelling and quiet self-irony of stars from the world of sport and the animal kingdom.

Further Prices:

Rekord from Austria
Velux from Germany
Drutex  from Poland

Eko-Okna from Poland

Media partner: Bauelemente Bau – Das Marketingmagazin für Bauausstatter 

Application form Wiener Fenster Awards pdf